Alternative Energy and Offgrid


EARTHTECH's Mission is to introduce advanced technology & design built for the future that is innovative, interactive, and multifunctional. Part of this mission is to bring to the mainstream many of our alternative energy products that many people aren’t aware even exist such as Solar Powered Backup Generators, Solar Backpacks, Solar Powered iPhone, Smartphone and Cellphone Chargers, Manual/Wind Up Power Products, and LED Lighting. Not only do these products match the aesthetic & hip style of the world today but also the worlds ever changing needs. Many of these items you may be seeing for the first time!

GoSun Stove

GoSun is a young company comprised of designers, engineers, and change-makers, intent on serving the world with unparalleled green COOKING solutions. GoSun is passionate about their products and how they power their customers’ lives. Founded in a small suburban garage, GoSun grew quickly thank's to their community of committed customers, who not only believe in their products, but also use them to bring people together.