Audio-Visual Products

Soul Electronics

SOUL manufactures high performance audio, noise cancelling, and wireless products. Pushing the envelope in making the best audio products for every lifestyle at affordable prices. Headphones, earphones and speakers.

Outdoor Tech

Innovative audio products geared for the outdoors but can be used anywhere. Headphones, earphones, speakers and other products, both wired and wireless. Their keynote product is a rugged speaker called the "Turtle Shell" (and "Big Turtle Shell). 


Truly unique headphones geared towards active people. Wired and wireless units. Bone conduction is a natural part of the hearing process—sound travels through our eardrums and bones simultaneously. AFTERSHOKZ has taken the concept to the next level through development of a suite of proprietary audio technologies and design patents. The result: headphones that deliver unrivaled situational awareness and comfort.  Transducers guide mini vibrations through the cheekbones to the inner ears, delivering sound without plugging or covering them. 


Large selection of speakers, headphones, earphones and accessories from quality brands including Samsung, LG, Sennheiser, PSB, Monster, Klipsch, Spracht, Kicker, BOSE, Logitech, Sony and more.

Great pricing backed up by Best Buy's outstanding customer service.


Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset. Real quality at an affordable price. 

Feel like you're actually there!

There's Always Walmart

Huge selection of speakers, headphones, earphones and accessories. Cyber Acoustics, Craig Electronics, Omnihil, Slappa, AmpliVox, Numark, Flips Audio, Twisters, Deep Sonar, House of Marley, VIZIO, Sony and more.