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Electronic components. Factory allocated. Obsolete.

Hybrid stocks over 500,000 parts, and has access to over 50 million  components. A global specialist of electronic components  distribution and utilize a wide network of component suppliers from  around the world by implementing a competitive sourcing strategy for  non-stocked items that include hard to find, obsolete, factory  allocated, and even application specific electronics, saving you time & money. 

Hand soldering tools for SMT components. SOIC, QFP, PLCC, QFN & discrete SMT components,

For people who want to hand solder surface mount (SMT) components. Are you an engineer, technician, educator, student or DIY hobbyist who has avoided utilizing SMT components? Those days are officially over, because with SchmartBoard practically anyone can hand solder SOIC, QFP, PLCC, QFN, and discrete surface mount components. 

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Great deals on not only tools and electronic supplies, but all sorts of other techy stuff.

Hard Find Electronics, Ltd.

Electronic components, especially hard to find.. Over 1200 of the world's leading brands.

Hard  Find Electronics Ltd. is Asia’s leading distributor of electronic,  electrical, and industrial components. Supply over 1,200 of the  world’s leading brands and supporting over 10,000 OEMs, contract manufacturers and brokers in over 60 countries, including USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

Fast quoting, very reasonable pricing, speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

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Multimeters, electronics tool kits, soldering irons and more.