How Does EcoWasher Work?

1. Automatically infuse cold wash water with activated oxygen:
The oxygen and PCO generator transforms cold water into a powerful oxygen wash known as nature's detergent.

2. Infuses Laundry Water:
Oxygen is a natural purifier, breaking down oils and grime in fabrics. Ozone (nature's detergent) is diffused into the cold wash water.

3. Eliminates detergent chemicals and reduces infectious bacteria and mold:
EcoWasher destroys infectious bacteria and reduces mold and fungus while keeping your family safe from the harmful effects of chemical detergents. The result is softer, odor-free, detergent free, super clean laundry. 

Ozone is Nature's Detergent

Ozone is Nature's Detergent

Ozone is created in nature by lightning and can be smelled after a storm. It is one of nature's most powerful oxidizers. Ozone is created by converting Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3). Oxidizers are a class of chemicals that break down organic substances. Ozone works for applications in water including water treatment, swimming pools, process water and others and in air for odor control, scrubbing or pollution control.

How Is Ozone Produced?

Ozone Generators are used to "manufacture" Ozone out of one of the most readily-available substances on earth - Oxygen in the air. In fact, Ozone has been called "Enhanced Oxygen" for the simple reason that Oxygen (O2) can be converted to Ozone (O3). Ozone is produced naturally in the upper atmosphere (the Ozone layer) through ultraviolet radiation. As well, lightning will produce Ozone through electrical excitation of Oxygen molecules. Ozone Generators use both forms of producing Ozone. Some generators will use electrical fields (corona discharge) to produce Ozone. Others use ultraviolet lights (UV method) to produce Ozone. Generally, the UV Ozone systems produce a lower concentration of Ozone. Since concentration of Ozone is important, most applications will use Corona Discharge Ozone generators. Since Ozone cannot be stored, it is used as quickly as it is produced. Ozone Generators are used to produce Ozone at the location where it will be used. Ozone Generators come in all sizes, ranging from small DC units used to clean air in your car (not recommended) to large industrial systems used to purify Millions of Gallons per Day of water in municipal water treatment systems. Since they require no inputs other than Oxygen, they are very cost-effective.

Ozone - In Use for Over a Century

For the past 100 years, Ozone has been used commercially for odor reduction and water purification. This substance is also a very effective anti-bacterial, germicidal and fungicidal agent. It is classified as an "oxidant" or a substance that converts organic material into their base compounds.

If ozone comes into contact with water vapor during storms it forms hydrogen peroxide. This is why plants flourish better with rainwater than with irrigation water. This is natures way of cleaning our environment. "Natural" ozone concentrations can vary between .01 ppm to .05 ppm, depending on geographic location, altitude and season. The cycle of oxygen and ozone is just like the cycle of water in nature. Ozone is also created by waterfalls, the oceans’ surf and during thunder and lighting storms with concentration levels triple the allowable limit, as set by EPA. Ozone created electronically or through ultra-violet light converts molecules of Oxygen (02) into molecules of Ozone (03). This is sometimes referred to as activated oxygen, triatomic form of oxygen or pure air.

What You Can't See CAN Hurt You

Detergent manufacturers are not required to disclose the poisonous additives in their products. Detergent CAN NOT kill germs and the residual toxins seep into skin while wearing detergent-washed clothing.

Chemicals and Poisons:

Many additives in detergents, "natural" or not, are known carcinogens. Cancer is the #1 killer of children after car accidents. Household chemical exposure is a leading cause. Residual detergent sticks to clothing and inside the washing machine. It never leaves your laundry and seeps into your skin from clothing.  

Detergent Could Be Making You Sick:

Detergents are made to lift dirt, not kill the germs we come into contact with. When a family member is sick and we wash their sheets, clothes, etc., the bacteria is simply swished around inside the machine, stuck inside the machine.  

That Musty Smell:

Detergent residue inside the washing machine contributes to the nasty smell some washing machines have. Unseen gunk behind the wash wheel collects and combined with moisture creates a comfy place for bacteria, mold and viruses to multiply.  

Be Detergent Free:

Detergents and other laundry additives like fabric softeners present a significant danger as common household items. Even as the clothing dries, these chemicals become airborne, known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Not only do we absorb the residuals through our skin, but inhale these toxic fumes as well.  

EcoWasher Residential Ozone Laundry Systems

Three Models Tailored to You:

1). EcoWasher® Pro

2). EcoWasher® Plus

3). EcoWasher® Elite

XL-1000 Commercial Ozone Laundry System

XL-1000 Commercial is an Environmentally Friendly appliance intended for use in hospitals, hotels, pools, spas and other public places. XL-1000 will purify, disinfect and sterilize water to prevent contaminated and/or polluted water from spreading and causing damaging effects. XL-1000 uses a built-in water magnetizer that pre-teats regular and hard water. 

XL-4000 Commercial Ozone Laundry System

XL-4000 Commercial is an Environmentally Friendly appliance intended for use in hospitals, hotels, pools, spas and other public places. XL-4000 will purify, disinfect and sterilize water to prevent contaminated and/or polluted water from spreading and causing damaging effects. XL-4000 uses a built-in water magnetizer that pre-teats regular and hard water. 

Silent Night® Air Purifier

Introducing the Silent Night ZEPA 500. The world’s only fan-less, totally silent, ZEPA filtration revolutionary air purifier. Experience living with the advantages of pure, clean, fresh air in your life today. It truly is amazing! 

The Silent Night is affordable technology, 5.6M³ of Pure, clean, fresh air produced in total silence every minute for just 40¢/day.

The Silent Night ZEPA 500 model uses an electrostatic force of negatively charged particles being attracted to positively charged particles to accelerate air and its pollutants through two charge-sensitive filters. With no fan noise, the ZEPA 500 moves over 197 cubic feet of air per minute through your unit…silently.

OxiLeaf™ 850

The OxiLeaf™ 850 model is designed to work in small and very large rooms of the house.

Pursue and healthier home environment with the OxiLeaf™ 850. OxiLeaf™ works with proven Oxi-Technology on demand (no fillers or filters needed) to rapidly oxidize the worst orders, freshen, energize and purify the air you breathe. OxiLeaf™ even oxidizes germs from contaminated surfaces we touch. It's elegant design will match any home decor. 

OxiLeaf™ 850 has the same powerful Technology as the EcoWasher®. The OxiLeaf technology does the same germ and bacteria killing that the EcoWasher® does to your laundry. The OxiLeaf™ 850 purifiers your air as well has surfaces. It is not a cover up like chemicals. The OxiLeaf™ 850, uses ozone to kill bacteria and germs.

And Many More Products Like Woolzies Dryer Balls & Lavender Essential Oil Softener

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