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Redox Signaling Molecules. ASEA is the ONLY company to provide redox signaling molecules (RSMs) in both an oral ingestable product and a topical product for the skin. RSMs are made in the mitochondria of all our cells along with ATP in the Krebs cycle. However at age 12 production starts to decline. Whatever your age, bring the levels of RSMs in your body back to the levels they were in your late teens!

Pure Body Extra Strength From Touchstone Essentials

Exposure to toxins starts even before we’re born. From the womb onwards we’re surrounded by chemicals, over 80,000 by most counts. Many of these toxins are stored in cells in the body, causing damage over time.Pure Body Extra Strength to the rescue. The world’s first hydrated zeolite reaches to a cellular level and works like mini-magnets to attract and remove positively-charged toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and more.The zeolite Clinoptilolite has been grated GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) status by the FDA. Pure Body Extra Strength is colorless, odorless, 100% natural, non-toxic and safe for long-term use.With just a few sprays a day, you can rid your body of toxins, and experience improved energy and well-being.

AIM Bear Paw Garlic®

AIM Bear Paw Garlic® is unique, wild garlic made from the leaves, not the bulbs. It’s harvested in the forests and mountains of Europe and has all the benefits of standard garlic but is more potent, healthier and odorless. Try this one-of-a-kind product today. 

B17 Amygdalin From Apricot Power

Apricot Power is your reliable source for quality apricot seeds and B17 products. Apricot Power has been providing California grown apricot seeds since 1999. Over the years the company has grown considerably and now sells more than 100 different products and supplements to health conscious customers around the world. Apricot seeds and B17 are the top sellers. 

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy works very hard with their suppliers to provide oils that come from organically grown plants. That being said, they only carry a small line of certified organic oils. If you are looking for a guarantee that the oil was grown organically and follows strict organic standards, we recommend you purchase Plant Therapy's certified organic oils. 

These oils have been used for centuries for both their healing and aromatic benefits. Plant Therapy offers over 100 of these essential oils. 

AIM RediBeets™

RediBeets®, is an all-natural, beet juice powder concentrate that promotes whole-body health with a rich source of nutrients, including betaine, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes. It offers nutritional support for cardiovascular issues, inflammation, liver ailments, nutrient deficiency, poor circulation and toxic buildup. RediBeets also contains Nitric oxide. Nitric oxide significantly impacts blood flow and oxygenation, two keys to improving athletic and physical performance. However AIM's other product "Red Rush" contains even higher levels of Nitric oxide.

AIM Red Rush™

Red Rush™ contains concentrated beet juice that generates a nitric oxide boost, providing improved physical endurance. For performance, stamina, and recovery, the body craves an infusion of nitric oxide through whole-food, natural sources. Red Rush meets this need with a highly concentrated beet juice shot. Nitric oxide significantly impacts blood flow and oxygenation, two keys to improving athletic and physical performance. 

AIM Peak Endurance™

A premium energy drink containing ATP.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is considered by biologists to be the energy currency of life. It is the high-energy molecule that stores the energy we need to do just about everything we do. It is present in the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm of every cell. Essentially ALL the physiological mechanisms that require energy for operation obtain it directly from the stored ATP. 

Peak Endurance is great to blend in with fresh squeezed orange juice and apple skins (for quercetin which is involved with the energy cycle).

Caffeine Free.

Immune Support and Digestive Support

Vitamin D:
The sunshine vitamin is vital for immune and bone health. We provide 2,000 IUs from organic mushrooms with beneficial beta-glucans. Unlike other supplements, which source vitamin D from lamb’s wool (ugh). 

Vitamins & Minerals:
Organic mushrooms provide B vitamins, and organic greens serve up natural vitamins and minerals, including folate. Colon Health:
Broccoli gives your colon health a boost with protective sulforaphane, while inulin from Jerusalem artichoke feeds all the good bacteria in your gut. Included are a broad spectrum of probiotics (over 5 billion per serving!) and digestive enzymes.

Jiaogulan Tea From RegenaLife

Jiaogulan has been in use in Asia for centuries as a refreshing and health promoting herbal tea. Jiaogulan assists the body to achieve homeostasis (constant internal balance). Drinking Jiaogulan Tea can naturally assist you in controlling and maintaining healthy blood pressure. For hundreds of years, Jiaogulan (pronounced jee-OW-goo-lan) has been valued as "The Herb of Immortality," in regions where the highest concentration of centenarians (people living over hundred years) are known to live.Jiaogulan Tea may promote Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Digestion, Strength, Endurance and Immunity. It is in a rare class of herbs known as 'Adaptogens', which help the body to self-regulate without causing any harm or imbalance. Jiaogulan Tea has been shown in laboratory studies to dilate blood vessels. RegenaLife's Jiaogulan Tea is grown according to Thailand's rigorous certification standards, ensuring no harmful synthetic chemicals or pesticides are used during the growing, harvesting, storing and shipping process. 

No caffeine, theophylline or other stimulants.

AIM Just Carrots™

Don't have time to juice fresh carrots? You can get the healthy great-tasting carrot juice in a most convenient form. AIM’s Just Carrots is processed to preserve the enzyme-rich, nutritious carrots in a canister. Fresh juiced is always good, but if you don't have the time or don't want to invest in a juicer then Just Carrots is the simple, healthy, whole food smart nutrition solution. 

AIM GlucoChrom™

GlucoChrom provides blood glucose support through a unique blend of herbs and trace minerals (Chromium and Vanadium citrate). Stress, a poor diet, insufficient sleep, and too little activity can negatively influence blood sugar levels. 

RegenaLife Maitake Mushroom Mix

Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi and Agaricus are medicinal mushrooms. They contain beta-glucan, which may enhance immune activity against Infections, Viruses, Fevers, Colds, the FLU and Cancer, as well as reduce allergies (where there is inappropriate immune system activity). 

RegenaLife's Maitake Beta-Glucan Extract with Shiitake & Reishi utilizes only the most potent and natural ingredients for year round protection, including: Certified Organic Maitake (Grifola frondosa) Mycelia Whole Powder, Maitake (Grifola frondosa) Fruit Body Extract, Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder (Ganoderma lucidum), Organic Shiitake Mushroom Powder (Lentinula edodes) & Organic Agaricus blazei Mushroom Powder. 

Naples Naturals Pure Turmeric Curcumin with Bipoerine

Pure Turmeric Curcumin with Bipoerine.

  • Concentrate of 95% standardized curcuminoids, potent antioxidants present in the spice turmeric root
  • Aging has little to do with angry joints. The truth is that inflammation is generally the culprit for those pains.
  • The science is compelling... inflammation is the root of almost every major joint pain and oh my goodness - can you feel it!
  • Potency: Contains 350 mg 95% standardized Curcuminoids, 150 mg Pure Turmeric Powder, 5 mg Bioperine (piperine Piper Nigrum) black pepper extract to enhance bioavailability and absorption into the bloodstream*
  • 100% natural turmeric extract (Curcuma Longa root) standardized to 95% Curcuminoids.

Organic Anti-Aging Whole Food Bars

RegenaLife Bars are USDA Organic, Raw, Sprouted Grain, Kosher, Vegan and Gluten Free; they contain the powerful ingredient Resveratrol. Resveratrol is the compound found in the skin of red grapes, which is linked to longevity in humans. Recent human clinical studies found that Resveratrol increases the dilation of the brachial artery by a whopping 62%, potentially lowering blood pressure and increasing heart health! A single Bar contains the equivalent Resveratrol of an incredible 30 Bottles of Red Wine! Incredibly delicious and FREE of processed sugar, corn syrup, salt, wheat, soy, MSG, caffeine, dairy, eggs, hydrogenated oils, genetically modified foods, preservatives and synthetic sweeteners of any variety. These Bars feed your body and cells the proper nutrition (including  Omega 3,6,9) needed for sustained energy and healthy aging without chemicals or food additives. 

CBDPure Cannabidiol Oil

Cannabidiol hemp oil

CBDPure is a cannabidiol ("CBD") oil derived from certified organic industrial hemp grown in Denmark, without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. The industrial hemp we use has been chosen for its high CBD content and is grown with great care in order to produce a high quality product you can count on. CBDPure is 100% legal and safe to consume. It does not contain psychoactive properties commonly found in recreational hemp - meaning it does not provide a "high" or intoxicated feeling to users. CBDPure CBD oil contains naturally occurring cannabidiol, terpenes and other cannabinoids to promote overall well-being.

Prescript-Assist Soil Based Probiotic With 29 Strains of Microflora

Prescript-Assist Probiotic combines 29 combines 29 strains of soil based organisms. Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, and totally Vegan. No refrigeration needed.  Available in 60 count or 90 count.